Welcome to rikgoddard.com a showcase of my animation work. I've been working in the animation industry for over 15 years with various studios around the world both inhouse and remotely. I have a life long passion for creating and bringing to life appealing and engaging characters who amuse and entertain in scenarios which captivate and emotionally involve the viewer. Below is my showreel and a selection of short spots. You can see more of my work at vimeo.com/rikgoddard and vimeo.com/riqrak.

If you would like to contact me my email is animation@rikgoddard.com

A selection of animation by RiK Goddard. A character animator with over 15 years experience in the animation industry working with various studios around the world on Film, TV and Games projects.

1 min 48s

TV commercial involving a a fancy fingered frog magician flogging the interactive services of Portugal Telecom.
Produced by Illusive Studios.
Animated by a team including RiK Goddard.

30 secs

Title sequence for TV series Noall & Curios (noallandcurios.com)

Written, Directed and Animated by RiK Goddard

37 secs

A wine fueled chunky chef acrobatically prepares a dish in his kitchen with high flying precision and accuracy.
Promotional short for studio Digital Unit.
Directed and Animated by RiK Goddard

50 secs

Billy, along with some friends, conveys all the essential information surrounding this online ticketing service while not getting stuck in jargon. This short also manages the difficult task of explaining what is essentially a completely new type of business model. All of this in ninety seconds or less.

1 min 31 secs

The title sequence for children's TV show. Rik Goddard animated all of the main characters in this sequence.

46 secs

A young pan piping girl follows a parade of magical creatures from all over Latin America as they make their way over mountainous cloud forests to Lisbon animation festival - MONSTRA 2015.

1 min 5 secs

Memorias infantil do 25 Abril.
o Filme foi uma colaboração com festival de animação em Lisboa 'Monstra' para 40 anos do anniversario do 25 Abril.

Infant memories from the 'April 25th1974' revolution in Portugal.
The film was produced in collaboration with 'Monstra' Lisbon's animation festival and screened at the opening ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary the revolution in Portugal.

1 min 35 secs

Poor Andy is injured and unable to work and worried about looking after his family. Luckily First4Lawyers are here to save the day. Online advertisement.

1 min 10 secs